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Don't Let It End This Way - lyrics

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The minutes are slipping away
As we say our last goodbye
Bid the world a fond farewell
We'll share in a final embrace
When the lights begin to fade
It's a tale they had to tell
I'm wiping the tears from your face
Though I can't control myself
God have mercy on us all
The chapter has ended a story
That only just begun
First the rise and then the fall
But don't let it end this way
Before you can go
There's something that I must say
Don't let it end this way
It's too late to cry
When winter has come to stay
I once had a book in my hand
That I didn't understand
Now I witness every page
So won't you come closer my love
Now our time has nearly come
Take a bow and leave the stage
Now it's time to close your eyes

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