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Well if I found God anywhere, it would be by the tracks
Face down in a box car, forty in both hands
And when I find God there, we'll just sit and roll some top
Cause he'll be just as confused as anyone else on this rock
I took two tabs of acid yesterday afternoon
And I woke up this morning with a torn pair of shoes
And found I'd ruined my life and everyone else's too
I guess this is what my teachers warned me drugs would do
But they forgot to mention the way
That the morphine makes the pain go away
And how I'll always remember the good times in my spine
And the holes I burned in my brain with this next line
If I found Satan anywhere it would be by the tracks
Trading souls of kids like me for cheap bags of smack
When I find Satan there you know I won't be thinking twice
Cause at least in hell there's rock 'n roll and ain't no Jesus Christ
And I swear I left my sanity someplace in this mess
Crumpled between empty beers and packs of cigarettes
Kick my last hope to pieces and just hope for the best
I guess this is why my friends warned me against hopelessness
But they're the one's getting laid
And I'm the one waking up lonely every single day
And I'll remember that as I listen to their crap
And tell them to fuck off, then hug them after that
Well if I found God anywhere it would be by the tracks
Huffing whippits down as he watches the trains pass
When I find God there I'll watch him pass out throwing up
Cause he's drank himself to sleep every night since the one that he made us

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