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Tonight I bury Old William without remorse
Because Hell sleeps around and Heaven wants a divorce
Tonight I burn my bookshelf to be free
Because even a rebel tradition is slavery
Tonight I bake my madness a birthday cake
Because even the insomniacs aren't awake
Tonight I burn my home while Beethoven plays
So tomorrow I can live like I died yesterday
Live like I died yesterday
Today a stampede killed Superman
And Apollo and Dionysus both got hanged
Today the revolution laughed and spit in my face
But all-expenses-paid Dada will take its place
Today the dropouts are smarter than the PhDs
As they took off with everyone's car without the keys
Today I bled failure all the way up to the sky
And I grinned hopelessly as I sit down to die
As I sit down to die

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Love songs for the apocalypse