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Bluer Than Blue - lyrics

After you go
I can catch up on my reading
After you go
I have lot more time sleeping

And when you go it looks like
things are gonna be lot easier
Life would be a breeze you know
I really should be glad

But I'm bluer than blue
sadder than sad
You're the only life this
empty room has ever had
Life without you is gonna be
bluer than blue

After you go
I'll have a lot more room in my closet
After you go
I can stay out long if I feel like it

And when you go I can
run through the house screaming
And no one can ever hear me
I really should be glad


I won't have to miss no TV shows
I can start my whole life over
Change the numbers on my telephone
but the nights will sure be colder


Bluer than blue
Bluer than blue
Bluer than blue

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