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Pretty Boy - lyrics

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I'm a, I’m a, I'm a-I'm a-I’m a-I'm a (One, two, three, four)
I'm a pretty boy livin' on the west side
Livin' so loud, you could never hear me cry
See no tears run down my eyes (Run down my eyes)
Oh, these hills they burn so bright (They burn so bright)
Oh, these hills they bring me life (Bring me life)
Oh, these hills baby, oh, these hills baby (I'm a-I'm a-I'm a-I’m a-I’m a)
I'm a pretty boy livin’ on the west side
Poppin' blue pills and sippin' on finest wine
No more fears and no more lies
I tell myself to sleep at night (Sleep at night)
Amongst these hills, baby (Oh, these hills baby)
Amongst these hills, baby

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