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Mr. Wells song 1 - lyrics

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60 years ago today
a beautiful man was born
He really is a fine fellow
and that is why I'm torn
I hope I don't regret this
I'm just doin what I'm told
Mr. Wells....your getting old
Your so old your memorys in black and white
The key to your house was on Ben Franklin's kite.
You lived through the ice age, that must have been cold
oh Mr. Wells your getting old.
Your really a fine principal
but what do you do for fun?
Because your social security number
is just the number one
I heard you babysat for Jesus
or so I'm told so
Mr. Wells HEY your getting old
Now I'm sorry to be so mean and rude
I'v seen reasons for you to be in the nude
You can't hark a remark
your life's a question mark,
you got your pets off of Noah's ark
oh Mr. Wells, Mr. wells
you don't fit the average mold
'Cause Mr. Wells yea your getting
Mr. Wells yea your getting
Mr. wells yea your getting NANA your getting your getting old!

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