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Future Vision - lyrics

To me she's mystery
She's navigating the great beyond
She make you feel the sweet caprice of love again
I do believe
I did what it took to release my cares
I freed the beating in my blood
What once was precious is bound to memory
Now I see
Good lord I see
They say touching is the highest form
Of this communication love
Forever is a soren burn
You can barely see
Yeah she lights up the room
And her walls are hung with tapestry
Of who she's moved
Yeah sometimes they fall
You know
Everybody falls
Can't you see that future vision
I held it right in front of your eyes
Did you see those stormclouds gathering
Yeah looked like sood
Covered the clear blue sky
As I run down from this mountain
My heart racing with delight
That the run down of the ages
Though they are serenading me tonight

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