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Loving You - lyrics

Loving you
All I wanna do
I keep your picture on the wall
In the den of my mind
Loving you
An easy thing to do
You just tell your girls and then you
Tell your analyst
You’ve made up your mind
Ahhh make up your mind
Sing it baby one more time
To wake up with you
Thats all I wanna do
Billie she was skipping all night
We didn’t even notice her
To fall asleep with you
Drift and dream with you
Where could heaven even really be
If not here in this temple?
I’m just following through
With what the spirit led me to do
A match thats made beyond
The barricades of space and of time
Oh complex you
I know just what i will do
I’ll simply write another verse of you
A melody to keep you inside
So deep inside
Mostly talent
Most mystic
The rest it is magic
You’re protecting your instincts
So smart they’re so fragile
Ahh ….you’re tapped in
You know you’re more than a gift
Loving you
Complex you

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