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A Man I Always Wanted To Meet - lyrics

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I was thrilled to death the day that Babe Ruth signed my baseball bat
I always remember that, the greatest one of all
When I was out in Hollywood John Wayne tipped his cowboy hat
And when I got his autograph I felt ten feet tall.
I met the great Hank Williams one night backstage at the Opy House
He look down and grinned when I said, "I'm your biggest fan."
And I was there the day when J.F.K. rode into Dallas
I walked up to the limosine and shook his mighty hand.
I've met the famous and I've met the best
But there one man I've never met that outshines all the rest
And He's one man I always wanted to meet
He is the King of Kings and He's the Prince of Peace.
If I ever get the chance I'll fall down at His feet
He's one man I always wanted to meet.
Jesus, is the man I always wanted to meet...

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