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I Just Don't Give A Damn - lyrics

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Now I know whose got to change the way I'm living
It seem they just don't like me the way I am
Tomorrow I may live the way that they're thinkin'
Ah, but tonight I just don't give a damn.
I done everything I can to make you happy
But every word I spoke you always put me down
Tomorrow my arms may ache and want to hold you
Ah, but tonight I just don't give a damn.
Tonight I just don't care what happens to you and me
I wanted to get you on my side but you always disagree
If you should ever want to call me I'll be on my side of town
But don't call tonight 'cause I still don't give a damn.
Oh, tomorrow morning I might wake up lonely
Aw, But tonight I just don't give damn...

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