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No Money In This Dea - lyrics

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Well, I can meet you on the street
And I'll stop and talk to you
You can walk around the block
And I will walk around it too.
But you can sit down in the park
Do some lovin' in the dark
But to me you don't appeal
'Cause there ain't no money in this deal.

Now you might say to me let's eat
I might say my name is Pete
And you say that yours is Joy
But I know it could be Loy.
We can go ahead and fill
A life that isn't real
Later I might say I'm Bill
'Cause there ain't no money in this deal.

Well, if you want me dear
Come and get me I'll be here
And I will marry you
If you say that you will do.
Anything I say until
You buy me an automobile
But I won't stay with you still
There's some money in this deal.

Well, then she turned around and said
She'd rather be dead
Than to see me spend her money
When I ain't never called her honey.
And then for her thrill
She already got her fill
Told me to go find another
'Cause there ain't no money in this deal.
I mean it baby there's no money in this deal...

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