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No Use To Cry - lyrics

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No use to cry, don't even try
Just stop yourself from being lonely
I'm leaving you so you'll be blue a long, long time
You thought you were smart to break a heart,
That loved no one but you, dear only
I'm gonna do your heart the same way you did mine.

I'll board the train, I won't explain
Just why the reason is I'm leaving
'Cause you'll know why when life is tried, just wait and see
I gave you a home, you done me wrong
I tried the?
Well, it's goodbye, no use to cry, it's got to be.

You'll never win, so think again
Before you do the same thing over
There's not a man that ever can believe your lies
Pulled out ahead and wish you were dead
Before your love hid under cover
Then when you saw him here alone, no use to cry.

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