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Second Time Around - lyrics

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Darling, look what you've done to my life the change is plain to see
You took each part of this broken heart and made a new man of me
When I thought that all was lost just look at what I've found
You're living with what love can do the second time around.
Mistakes I made in my younger days and times that passed seemed high
But the bridge I've burned was a lesson I've learned and I get it right this time
I'll be the man you see in me and I'll never let you down
You gave my heart a brand new start the second time around.
Every dream I ever dreamed and my first one to come true
I've never heard more sweet words than when we said I do
And when it's all said and done if this old world let's me down
God above will bless our love the second time around.
God above will bless our love the second time around...

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