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She Should Belong To Me - lyrics

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Well, you asked me to tell you about her
Since we have been friends for so long
Well, she's really an outstanding woman
More precious than any I've known.
She's soft she's kind and she's gentle
She likes to be loved tenderly
She's the kind you won't ever get over
And she should belong to me.
Don't leave her at night she'll be frightened
She's afraid when the darkness sets in
And blue is her favorite color
And she prefers home loving men.
She likes roses on special occasion
Champagne makes her laugh and feel free
She wants to be held when she's lonely
And she should belong to me.
She should be here with me in these two arms of mine
Happy like we used to be
She no longer needs me I've run out of time
Oh, she should belong to me.
Oh, she should belong to me...

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