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The Ceremony - lyrics

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Dearly beloved, we are gathered together,
In the presence of God, and these witnesses,
To join this man and this woman in the bonds,
Of holy matrimony.
Do you Tammy, take this man, George
To be your lawfully wedded husband,
To love and to cherish until death do you part?

I'll take this man and by him I'll stand
I promise that we'll never part
To him, I'll be true
There'll be no one new
From now, till death do us part.
And do you, George, take this woman, Tammy
To be your lawfully wedded wife,
To love and to cherish, until death do you part?
Yes I'll take this woman
She'll be mine forever
And I'll love her, with all of my heart.
To have and to hold
My love won't grow cold
I promise, till death do us part.

We'll take each other
From this day forward
Together, in sickness or health.
United with love
We'll face life together
If we're poor or if we have wealth.
For better or worst
You'll always come first
And no one can keep us apart.
Yes, we take each other
Forsaking all others
Together, till death do us part.
I now pronounce you, man and wife...

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