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Two Little Orphans - lyrics

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Two little orphans, a boy and a girl
Stood at the old church doors.
The little girls feet were as brown as her curls,
That fell on the dress that she wore.
The little boys clothes were all tattered and torn
A tear shone in each little eye,
Why don't you go home to your mama, I said,
And this was the maidens reply.
Mama's in heaven, they took her away,
They left Jim and I all alone,
We came her to sleep at the end of the day,
For we have no mama or home.
Daddy was a sea going man, mama waited for him all
Night at the shore, mama got sick angels took her away
To dwell in the mansions so bright,
She said she would come for her children someday
And I guess she's coming tonight.
The sexton came early to ring the church bell,
And found them beneath the snow white,
The angels made room for the orphans to dwell
Up in heaven with their mama that night...

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