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Where Could I Go But To Her - lyrics

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Why will a man go out and cheat?
What makes temptation so sweet?
It's a shame that neon lights
Will make a man stay out all night
With a broad in a bar down the street.
I never meant to be that man
But last night I held another's hand
Though her kisses tasted sweet
That's not what made me cheat
So I'll try and explain if I can.
Where (where) where (where) where could I go
Oh, when I needed love you weren't there
And her two open arms offered love sweet and warm
Where could I go but to her.
Please forgive my one mistake
And I swear it's the last one I'll make
Let those arms I need the most
Take me back and hold me close
'Cause loving you is a habit I can't break.
Where (where) where (where) where could I go
Oh when I feel the urge to go wrong
The next time I'm tempted
When my glass is emptied
Where will I go I'll go home?
Where will I go I'll go home?...

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