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[Verse 1: Sam B]
Yo, Sam. We back bitches!
Good Grip with that hood shit
Full fighting in front of the bull pit
Bad bitch don't take shit
Fucked last week been dead since
In the muck one time, kill em all with one line
From the swamp, bump and grind, ain't with the game no shoot and chop
Ain't no soft mouth when is gold, Can't hang low where the demons go
Cats don’t talk, they plead the fifth, one disappearance nobody see shit
On a different plane, take it outside it's so insane
Sam right rip real simple and plain
Sam B mother fucker ya'll in hell
[Hook x2: Sam B]
No room in hell
Reservations go bad, and the guest list is closed
And the last one's alive, and the devil locked his door
No room in hell
The nightmares come quick, the air is getting thick
When the dead start to rise, and there's no place to hide
[Verse 2: Sam B]
Eat a brain while getting brained
Conductor on my zombie train, all aboard, kill a broad
Leave her bloody, choked and stained
Won't play games no slick talk, devil dick like a pitchfork
No super suit, no bat cave, just shrunken heads and dead stock
I'm Mossberg I'm 2Pac, BIG with two Glocks
Big L from hell and back, collecting heads in my napsack
Ghost rider with no chains, spawned life with no cape
Demon child like hunger games
Chase a bitch, no escape
[Hook x2: Sam B]
[Verse 3: Chamillionaire]
First of all I ain’t going to hell
Let 'em know we're going to need a lease
I stay hungry I need a feast, didn't I tell you don't feed the beast?
Went and got a little holy water and put it onto my Jesus piece
Got her wet like she's seen the beach
And I think your girl's going to need to see a priest
Say I'm ill when I'm over seas, couldn't see how that's not true
My Jewelry looks like it caught Flu and my neck looking like Achoo
Girl you got to be psychic, if you think that I'm crazy
I would show you my good side but what have you done for me lately?
Every day would be heavenly when she call me up and I stop through
Every day I look to the sky and thank god that I'm not you

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