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Shinigami Record (Death God Record) - lyrics


What kind of life can I really hope to have
Living all alone like the monster that I am
"Humans go so quickly
They fall so deep asleep"
Never show the shock
Never hear me weep
You fell in love with the monster that I am
Uniform it suited you
Into war you ran
"Cant we stay together forever and a day"
Living out our lives
Hand in hand we'll stay

Savor every sunrise and slow the second hand
Giving you a child though the monster that I am
"You alone will grow and then fall so deep asleep"
Never show the shock
But I start to weep

Calling on the snakes I've the power in my hands
If they disappeared, I don't think that I'd be sad
A never ending world made for you and for me
Loving family then we will be

Waiting up for you
Door I closed behind
But you never came
Never wonder "why"
Counting out the clouds that had always floated by
Somehow even sunrise had made me want to cry
Then it finally hit me and brought the final blow
You had ran and left me long ago

Living all alone? Well I've had my share of that.
Better just to leave say goodbye and turn my back
Don't think I'll forgive you but that heart you broke in two
Even now will always beat for you

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