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Four Gardens - lyrics

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There's a song sung over my head
But I can't see who is singing!
Still closer than buildings are far…
Will you come go?
Will you come go?
Will you come go with me?
O wake in my heart!
I wait in four gardens patiently
Many many moons
Many many moons
I don't see you
Over my head
Kicking so fast
May I skip through?
May I skip through?
May I skip through these three words to you?
O! Nothing reveals to you feelings built inside me
O! Nothing reveals to me feelings built inside you
Mister, kicking so fast
Do you know where this wave is for you?
Me, a fighter for what is lovely and always flowing
Is there some shore?
Is there some shore two can swim to?
O! Fly right behind my one heart's sea city scenery!

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