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I go out to find
The one with whom I've seen all hours' moons
Once the curtains lifted
And he said, "I only swim to you"
Language is such a play -
He called his exit but his eyes irresolute
What pasts still sit today?
I feel I'm walking around in blue
He can hear me sing
He can hear me sing
Though he is far, I'll never lose sight of him
He turned to me then looked away
A silhouette
A silhouette
Still returns to me
I'll hand him his coat
It's exactly where he left it long ago
We'll fall all over floorboards
I lose my breath just envisioning the scene
Mysteries that wake up late - the table's set
And the painting of his face
No time to hesitate
I cede all my light and play abandoned fool

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Have You in My Wilderness

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