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Why Do I Do - lyrics

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Why do I do the things I do?
Sometimes I feel like I am so insecure
If I could learn a thing or two from You
Then popular opinion I could ignore
You are enough for me
I don't need anything but You, yeah
You are enough for me
And I don't need anything...
'Cause You have given me more than I could ask for
More than I could ever imagine
And You keep giving me love
You keep on lifting me up
It doesn't get any better
Why do I do the things I do?
Lord, every day is showing me somethin' new
I need to slow down, need to learn from You
'Cause You're the only one I could listen to
Lord, You show me how
To deal with life when it comes around
Even when I'm down
I can count on You to stand my ground

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