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Of my two best stories you're the one that I don't tell
So don't worry, Josephina, you know that your secret's safe with me
Oh, the mystery that surrounds you couldn't hide your heart of gold
'Cause you're so beautiful and shy and true
And I'm the only one you told.
Whoah, Josephina, you know your secret's safe with me
I think we can help each other...
But you're so quiet when you're talkin', I think your body tells me more
The way your eyes ask, "can I tell him?"
Your ankles say, "walk with me awhile"
Oh, it starts with pins-and-needles moving through your head down to your toes
Then you feel you start to float away.. and I'm the only one who knows.
I admit I'm fascinated
I wear your secret, Josephina, like a sacred badge of honor
Do you believe me?
You know you can trust me
I need your secret, Josephina

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