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Baby Please - lyrics

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You know them ladies half amazin' half crazy
Baby wanna make a baby baby please what she say to me
Ain't nutin new up under the sun
She want a boy
I don't want none
Girl just wanna have fun
I'm tryin to get my funds count my ones
Nutin new up under the sun
Gotta a brother up under the gun
Gotta run cause a girl got a plan to get a man
Ain't a ring on my hand
All she wants is me and her to be one
Uh, let me tell you how the story begun
At first thought she was the one
She was chill then so much fun
Her uzi weighed a ton
Didn't know I was chillin with a loaded gun
Can you feel or hear me son
Disappear reappear call me hang up
Love me hate me quit me date me
Baby on the low might Robert Blake me
You want your problem solved holler dog
Can't be seen with her in the mall
Givin you a piece of my catalogue
Never thought you would pull up at a broad
But I had it y'all
Bagged it y'all
Hate it when a girl get mad at y'all
I'm a snap at y'all
Don't panic nah
The reason why a five nigger haven't called
Ain't nutin new up under the sun
No money no car why you call me a bum
Cause you got cake and I'm scrapin crumbs
Now I'm on the video your face look stunned
Nutin up under the sun
Fellas succumb when they nails and they hair get done
It's better for some to tell'em when young
Keep'em under space in the place til they head get sprung
I can't mess wit you hoes
Out to get my dough
Alterior with the mo
From my heart the plot is closed
You know
You thought since I was nice
That I was blind like some mice
But I'm a man with advice
Baby please get it right
All of us used to walk the world
Akward, scared to talk to girls
Every flavor, even chocolate swirl
Can't get a housewife from a stalker girl
uh uh
Cannot handle a high caliber woman
Camera hold steady
A blast and I'm a move it around
Tryin take advantage and vanish for standing how I'm a get down
Ain't nutin new up under the sun
She want a boy
I don't want none
Girl just wanna have fun
I'm tryin to get my funds count my ones
Uh, I'm a break it down real real quick
Just cause she fine don't mean she fine
In the time it took me to write this rhyme
Baby done slept with all man kind
Don't play me play lotto
You can't rev me like no throttle
Get yo ass up out that bottle girl
Stuff the benz in some model world
Let me spit this man
With miss thang
Put it in the way just to get this Jane
Sorry girlfriend I forgot your name
Don't blame me just blame the game
Your claim to fame ain't your brain
Without no game her end can't complain
She don't wanna make the change
She just wanna shake that thing and chase that fame
[Chorus - 2X]

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