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Well Done - lyrics

"This one's fi all di politician dem
Inna you face dem a smile up
Behind you back a money dem a pile up
Try fi start you business and dem quick fi spoil up
Well done, well done, mr politician man
U done wonderful job a tear down we country demolition man
Well done, well done, mr politician man
U done such a great job a sellin out we country Wid u business plan
U fi get a round of applause
Fi all the work u doin
Decisions weh u mek weh lef di country inna ruins yo
Strictly personal gain u persuing
So the tax rate higher than the planes weh flew in
Fi go mek u deal wid IMF
Now we nah no bauxite nor no sugar cane left
The hotels and the beaches the spanish dem go screechie mi nuh know a how u dweet but all mi haffi say is well done
U keep poverty an unemployment on the rise
Corruption an not to mention the lies
Election a when the tension arrive
So u buy we Kentucky not to mention the fries
Anyting fi secure you vote
An then u rob the people fi secure u boat
Fi go a goat island weh the chinese own di whole jamaica is a chinese loan
If inflation was a test u woulda get A plus
So when me mek the US an di exchange rate buck
Caw the dollar gettin weaker
An the solar light bill it woulda cheaper
But a JPS u prefer keep ya
Ebaneezer, so u scruge pon di ghetto people, weh a starve an every year u buy a better vehicle,
Di tings u do a beat we bad
But still u manage to keep u job
Suh mi a tell u well done..."

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