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In My Blood (ft. Uffy Lane Snyder) - lyrics

Uffy... ho
Make that ass talk to me while i, ugh
All these fuckin pills up in my system never coming down
Uffy captain gon be on his grind the fuck you thinking hah hah hah...
Hundred clips i might let if off
Bet not slip i swear to god
All them bricks in that rental car
Fuck boy out of line send em to they lord
Uffy lane pain gang repping hard
Nothing but ignant in my repertoire
These boys gon ride when they up to no good
Shit be dry this side of the hood
They burning 30's like firewood
Im looking out for my livelihood
Ho shut your bucket head up your only job is to fucking ride it good
All them drugs is gon feed these raps
On my plug we never speak bout that
I fell in love with money in that trap
I tried to told em honey uffy that crack
Im from the gutter where they move that stuff
Like 9/11 how they blew that up
Oxycotton my block be poppin
Trust fund fiends my blood run green
Dont even need a needle just to heat that up
We dont got a sports team just a whole lot of drugs
City full of trees and a heart with no love
Popping them beans and injecting them subs
And you probably dont know about this but you ought to
Ima go hard for my future daughter
Just drop that raw white in the hot water
Got the lean with my sprite bout to go harder
Bitch i ain't got a dollar ain't even got a dream
Just a whole bunch of work clientele of them fiends
Man tell them ratchets i dont really smoke weed
Catch a contact high when i kick it with the team
Cause we all want the same thing
Big house gold teeth pinky ring motherfucker
Cause we all want the same thing
To stunt all over those who ain't believe in our dream
Cause we all want the same thing
You lying to yourself saying you ain't want these hoes screaming out your name
Menage a trois and cars and broads from over seas and shit mayne

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