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She was taken without remorse.
Taken for the pleasure of ones mind.
She was the one who meant nothing.
The one that they would never miss.
(They won't care for her at all)
Murdered with brutality.
Buried without a grace.
The world's gone crazy?
Like a moth flying towards the flames.
Destined to die by them.
Burning its wings in the heat.
The final breath lightly rising to the air.
No-one looking for her.
No-one cares enough.
In the end.
Sounding so scorn and cruel.
This world said "goodbye" to her...
Still the feeling can suffocate one to the core.
Another one taken again and no-one knows.
Now she's just...
Like a moth flying towards the death.
Destined to be burned alive.
Losing its life and no-one cares.
Flames consuming the very core.
Desperate cry trying to reach someone.
This obscene brutality knows no boundaries.
Like a moth inches away from death.
Destined to be consumed.
Losing everything and nothing.
And no-one knows....
And no-one cares in the end...
Even the world...
Will forget...

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