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I sense the weight of a thousand lies
Crushing my bones to the dirt of our pride
I sense the hope anf I feel when it dies
There's nothing to prove and nothing to hide.
We said we're going to grow the truth
But guess it was too hard to live in reflection
The sins that destroy us, the sins of your youth
We watch the hope die, failing perfection.
And as the time passes by we now destroy our home
Guess it took too long to drown it with tears
Is this were we belong, I don't know at all
Is this worth loosing so many years?
Tears are pouring
But it won't quench anger of holy fire
In flames and dirt of our pride, the hope is dying
All I am is a worthless liar.
The weight has almost killed me now
Yet I see my friends hang on a rope
I'm still alive, but for how long a how?
I am the dying hope.
It's killing me, our selfishness and pride
I'm close to death and waiting for them to realise
There's no reason for you to hide
Because tonight, we're going to rise!

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