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Fall of the false light - lyrics

When the love that you miss the most
Is the one that betrays all that you trust in
You know that yout life and dreams are lost
Since the sorrowful the our riot begin
Dreams seen as the murderers in light
Light that in fact is terrible darkness
No wonder when these dreams are bright
Blinding for our sky is starless
I've never ment to say it out loud
But as it leaves me no other choice but to betray
I said words of lie, face hate of the crowd
My options are dead, no longer I can stay
Leaving and carrying my dreams
I'm praying for the false light to fall
And may thou hear our truthful screams
I want to see them loose, to see them to darkness crawl
Hating the darkness disguised as light
And their lies, they fool us all
And I cary our dreams, for them I will fight
Today is the day, false light will fall.

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