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Why don't you show me your pretty face?
Can't see it through all of this blood
Why don't you stop praying for grace?
This lace is for you way too cold.
You're mine now, with your pride
Which made you forget place where you belong
And why, my pretty, do you hide,
So sad for waiting so long?
Now let me, dearie, clear your face
From all of the bloog and your ugly smile
I hate and love you in so many ways
To God you pray yet so evil you are.
As soon as we finish I'll set you free
Yet I still don't know which part,
So let yourself be selfish, you'll always be
As you'll be in my closet, cut all apart.
And is it fear what I see in your eyes?
Claim and pray for me to change
All the people, look at her how she cries!
She won't get her last chance.
I know who you are and there are no breaks,
So there's no reason for you to lie,
You wasted your time to get my grace,
And now, my sweetheart, you're going to die.

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