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Kiss The Rain - lyrics

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All of the colours here,
All of the light in here,
All of the beauty here,
Is made just by you.
The drops are falling,
From the blue sky.
The angels are crying just for you.
All of the life in here,
All of the water here,
All of the blossoms here,
Such a lovely place.
I’m searching
But I’m waiting for
The kiss in the rain from you.
You have disappeared,
I have nothing.
The picture in my head,
Turns to grey faster and faster.
Oh my darling
Where have you been
I missed you so much that I killed myself
All of the love in here,
All of the kisses here,
All of the memories here,
But you betrayed me.
I’m crying,
Because of you,
No self- esteem left in me.
All of the darkness here,
All of the sadness here,
All of the madness here,
Makes me cry.
The faces all around me,
Are judging me.
But you are the bright side of life.
My scars are opened
My life is broken
The light is weaking
With every step that I do.
Love seems to be so unreal,
I can’t fall in love again.

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