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Saturday Morning - lyrics

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All he wants is to step inside maybe go for a ride or stay
He doesn't know that you lost your pride on that hazy night of May
You were wasted and they stepped on you
You were tired and there was nothing you could do
All these stories of abuse where minds were bruised they sickened me
I just can't understand how you can prey on such unguarded chastity
It's not the sunlight that has changed or the bathing in the moon
It was not right when they explained the lighter and the spoon
But still, you took the hit and then the shit took over your life
Now there is no turning back, smack is the ruling enterprise
Weeks on and on, basically, the same day's different
You use to love waking up to catch the moment
Your Saturday was all about the TV's colors Now it's the day, you wake up just reminiscing...
Your regrets.

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