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Twisted Storm - lyrics

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There’s a wind blowing by the sea
And the darkness is reaching us
Time is short, fighting for the pride
In this storm, we will survive
The pain we suffered
It’s all in vain, the will to fight
Is boiling in our veins
The pride we conquered will still remain
We’ll make it till the end
We’ll be able to stand,
Stay proud and fight, we’ll, carry on
The pride, make us alive
Fighting till we die
No! Nothing can sink us
Forever united, we stand over death
We’re the ones who’ve been chosen by hell
No way we’d have been chosen
If we just stayed behind
Stuck inside this tragic play
That always end the same way
There’s no escape to it
We’ve the torque to fight the stars
But we don’t know what things
Could happen...
Future is in our hands...
But destiny is a rotting dice...
Life’s unpredictable...
NO! You can’t sink us
We’ve been drowned
Now in this twisted storm
We’ve been gone so long
In this twisted storm

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Twisted Storm