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Wormhole - lyrics

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Shining stars across
The sky whispering a tale
Of the upcoming
Prophecies of hell
The fire burns, the earth is shaken,
A plague is on it’s way
We wish we had a choice.
But he engine leaves today
The path we chose might not be easy
Far across the stars, lies the truth
To carry on we to need
To reach the very end
The edge of faith is sharp
As a knife, harming anyone
Who missteps it
Let us put our destiny
Together, to the cosmos
Through the wormhole
Across the light
We leave our past
Behind to the unknown
Thy men’s are blind
Still it is blight
Future’s waiting.
Full speed ahead
Deep into the wormhole,
Waiting for the end
Edges are so tight
Can’t see a thing in sight
We’ve been right, we are coming
The plague’s getting away
You may question our choice
But we made the right play
Through the unknown
We found our way
Through the wormhole
We found a new world

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