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Angel Of Berlin - lyrics

Met her on a stormy Monday
Call up in the mess within myself
She was on the road to nowhere
And I was on the road to nowhere myself
How was I to know
All that would cross
How do I deserve
All the love that she gives yeah
Where have you been
Were was I going
Angel Of Berlin, Angel Of Berlin
You've been so close but I didn't see you
Angel Of Berlin, Angel Of Berlin
How many lonely ways I wandered
How many lonely days I must have missed
I wouldnt wanna miss another
To let me be a better man this time
She makes me sing
She sets me free
And after all
ve got someone to be

Tonights the night
Ive never been so alive
This couldnt be a better day
She calls me up
And calms me down
And round and round it goes oh yeah
Oh yeah
Searching for nothing I finally found you
Angel of Berlin, Angel of Berlin
I Still cant believe how I could ever breath without you
Angel Of Berlin

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