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Lost In You - lyrics

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I'm not tryna complicate none of this
none of this so
lemme just
lemme just
lemme just come tell you how I feel
okay, uhm
I'm just looking for some balance and some trust
I'm just looking for some mutual love
but all i get is unrequited
why my world always on fire never chilly
i used to hate the serious i used to be so silly
but I'm not a kid no more no I'm not a kid
but i guess that's what we always said
yeah i guess that's what we always said
And we can get lost in an off beat rhythm
feel the way that you're moving and i think that i get it
And i think that i will till the sun come up
When the sun goes down we gon' get in touch
Cuz I don't even know
i don't know why
All your love I'm tryna find
I'm so lost in you
And all that you do
and here we go I
never really know why
I'm just tryna take it slow
See where it goes
cuz you know that you'll never really know
Even though I can feel it in my soul
But you never know why
And here we go i
Never really know why
I cant let it go
But you give me so much hope
So i gotta keep you close
Yeah you're giving the most
And i never know
no I never know why
Oh all the silly things we hide
Just to keep our peace of mind
no i never know
no i never know
no i never know why

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