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Of Fuck My Christmas Tree - lyrics

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It's December 25th, I start to fucking twitch
Bah Hum Bug, You know that I'm a Grinch
I'm dressing up like sandy claws and walking down the street
With a big red bag full of body parts
I be wrapping up heads, then put them in your bed
Fuck your milk and cookies I be eating the dead
I'm a sick mother fucker, my eyes are red
I think my face is green because I'm drinking down Ted's
Now, hockety pockety wockety wack, chopping up bodies to put in my bag
Don't get mad, don't get sad, I be coming back
With all your relatives, and they ready for dinner
Now do you want a leg, or do you want some breast?
Now, on to the next house here we fucking go
I'm leaving body parts underneath the Christmas tree
This ain't no random act I'm not hitting every house
Just the people that be on my mother fucking naughty list yo
Shut the fuck up, hold still
I'm going to put your bitch ass in my fucking Santa sack
Dope, Pinch, Grinch, December 25th
Christmas Time, Where the fucking weed at
I'm a Grinch, Dope, Pinch, Grinch, December 25th
Pissing Gasoline, Torture your desire
Christmas Time, Where the fucking weed at
I'm going into town, this bitch I want to burn
Only devils and demons be fucking hovering within
So I fly above and start pissing gasoline
So they think its going to rain, then I light it kablaym!
Then I'm going through remains of bloody bodies and damn
I'm finding all kinds of shit that Satan wanted man
Even that big bitch has been good this year
So I'm dropping dead bodies at the gates of hell
I'm not a demon or doing devils dirty work
I'm just sick of this world that we live in
All these people in the public should positive
Or sure get the jigsaw, everybody
Do you want to play a game
Or do you want to kick back, and get blazed
Chill the fuck out, Do Unto Others
Or I'll be cooking your family next Christmas
Chill the fuck out and have a merry fucking Christmas, beyatch!

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