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Silent night deadly night - lyrics

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I wake up so Pissed off
I walk down the street with my shotgun
I've got my slaybells ringing
So they can here comin when they open up there window or would be open op the door
Bring a red target say comin in the sight
as i walked down the street
i'm just looking for a fight
I'm not find a many
after just a couple minuts
so i stole christmas candles at each an every door
i start to preach and sing a merry christmas
and my eyes turn red and i want em dead
i dont no why
i liked bahumbug
i lost my mind, on this deadly night
i see the star right up in the sky
its fucking risk not why im possessed
I'm gonna go to fucking kill
i'm gonna fucking kill you
heads snap, i wake up and my house is full of dead bodies
i got blood on my lips, blood on my chest, blood on my hands and blood on my dick
Its not the first time that this ever happend
i can still remember all the bitch slappin
i start cuttin up all the evidence
wrapped em like presents and put them under my tree
i keep this one hand near the mistletoe
so i feel special and i can get a kiss
on christmas day, that is the day
i start to pretend
but this is my day
i got my house full of relatives of all the peoples relatives but none of my relatives
Hey whats up? how your doing? long time no fucking see

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