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You took me for a fool I see
you think I don´t know what you do
but yesterday I´ve seen you with another man
How can you be so cruel to me
(when) I would give you everything
and I could be like any man you ever want

Am I not enough?
To deserve your love?
Am I not enough?

There´s nothing you ccan say
There´s nothing you can do
there´s nothing that can take away
the damage that you do
you´re playing teicks on me
I can´t believe a thing
you´re lying all the time to me
your words mean nothing to me
nothing to me
nothing to me

You say I should not even mind that man is nothing but a friend
that you love me and no one else takes you away
Why can I not believe in you
just take your word, believe it´s true
why do I always fear you´re cheating on me


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Love Songs and Other Nightmares