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A Falling Blossom Will Bloom Again - lyrics

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Part I - Colors of Nameless Flowers
Star shines
See the departure for Paradise
Be wise
Learn the souls and analyze
Star shines
This tale might make you hypnotized
We, agonized
All we live with agonies…rise
I stand alone again
In the silence of pouring rain
To seek peace of mind
And I leave all the past behind
The key to the universe
Is just our nature and mother Earth
Songs of birds in the sky
Colors of flowers, tell me why
We are the Knights
We are children of the light
In a sad world of disguise
In the ages of disease
We are searching for a peace
Let the heart of truth release
Meanings of life and love
He's dying in my hand
As if he understands
The time of the end is near
But no need to shed any tears
In our life, there are agonies
He told and showed it to me
Now his soul becomes a star
And he goes so far
…so far
I heard his voice again
Now a piece of the soul still remains
"I have no regrets
So do not feel distress"
Beauties fall into decay
Whatever kind words you say
The passing of time tells no lies
However we cry
Here is my sweet old place
Where I can see dear smiling face
The time of ideals
When will it be revealed?
I wanna make it real
With bravery in your heart
Let new life start
With the sword in your heart
You'll be shielded by eternal light
Part II - Ages of Disease
Flight of Icarus
Never touching the sun
The sin of ignorance
The last crusade has begun
Part III - We Shall Rise Again
We've known the truth untold
As your hand becomes cold
Your soul begins to glow gold
I see you fly to the gray sky
From the break in the clouds the holy light shines down on you
Angels take you to the kingdom come
Part IV - A New Heaven
Getting through the pearly gates
He gradually understands
What he saw until now were dreams
Nine dreams…
Having experience with the varieties of life
At the end of his days
And he starts the next chapter of his life
Now a story comes to an end
Nothing lasts forever
But soul has no measure
So the next story will start

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A Falling Blossom Will Bloom Again