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Sprint for Freedom - lyrics

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Don't look back the field
You should not think your act was a crime
Struggle is that thing which crueler than you think
Don't mind the scream you heard when you pulled the trigger
Someone is missing you No one accuses you
We are not wrong, friend Evil is using the power
Believe in your justice and sometime the days come which your heart becomes useful
So what you have to do is fighting and winning

Remember the captain's brave end Don't forget friend's death
Anger gives you power Take the arms again
There is our tomorrow only behind today's carnage
Sprint for Freedom
Release your unknown force confront fortress is adamant
But we do our best Nothing can stop us
You are saturated enemy's blood many times and become strong
Spirits in your arms drive you to the battle
It doesn't last forever as if what rain will stop sometimes
In a few years, you will be able to go back to your loving family
Endure this life until that time
Run the battlefields through to get the liberty
We are the gallant soldiers
Never lose! Never die!
Dream glory and fortune beyond violent genocide
Sprint for freedome

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