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The Truth (Grand Finale) - lyrics

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Standing on the edge of a cliff
As far as I can see there are all my friends
And they are celebrating me
Fists pumping
Shouting for joy
Smiling faces, everywhere
Believing the prophecy
I continue running
At last, in front of me the king appears
And he says "There's no inside and outside
If you understand it, you can master your life"
Sometimes struggling
I'm searching the exit
Sometimes deep in sorrow
I'm feeling lonely
Now I know all that is necessity
And I appreciate all that’s happened to me
I used to think I could live alone
I used to think my life was only mine
But I realize life is a gift from above
I was blinded and all is just vision I conceive
Scenes of the past appear and disappear
It has taken all this time to understand the truth
Enemies do not exist because I find they're parts of me
The greatness of my mother and father
Too simple to realize for what's essential is invisible
Everyone has a holy grail in their heart
And sure this story's written for "you"
If you can not believe it before too long you'll understand
And now new journey begins...

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