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,/monos protimo na ne etsi o dromos
Alone(empty),I prefer to be like that the street
./Ap to na rthi kenurios ponos ke pligi
instead of coming new pain and wound
, /klino, tin kardia mu se sena ti dino
I close, my heart to you I give
./ke me tropo ktifa su afino to klidi
and in a secretly way I leave you my key
, ,/me, ise i moni mu epilogi ki i kardia mu mpori na ekragi
Yes, you're my only choice and my heart may explode
, ./etsi omos htipai, etsi xeri na zi
as it beats, like this it knows to live
, /ne, ine o kindinos mono pistos ke ine edo
Yes, the danger id only loyal and it's here near us all the time
./but here is hiden the treasure, too.
, , ./ne ne ne
yes yes yes
, /dos mu, thelo na se esi o anthropos mou
Give me I want you to be my woman(=human)
./ke na mpis kena minis endos mu mia zoi
and to get in and to stay inside my a whole life
, "" ,/allo den iparhi allo "ne" pio megalo
other, there is no other "yes' bigger
' ' ./ap afto pu palevo na vgalo ap ti psihi
from the one I fight to put out of the soul


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