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There was a boy - lyrics

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There was a boy
Fire in his name
Deep brown eyes
His soul was a flame
Burning out a little too quick
Made his mind dark
Made him feel sick
There was a boy
With ice in his heart
He met the wrong people
They tore him apart
He was never the same again
Making him doubt all he could obtain
There was a boy
Eyes filled with pride
But that seemed too easy
On dark nights he cried
He would feel so alone
Played his guitar
A melancholy tone
There was a boy
Mother so loving
Best friend so loyal
Did he think he had nothing?
But I get that feeling too
I just wish you'd have known
How much we'd miss you
There was a boy
With so much to say
But life's worth seemed absent
So he gave it away
The world in sheets of white
As he stepped into the night
There was a boy
I see him so clear
The weight of the world
Was too much to bare
As the blurry lights drew near
His mind oddly peaceful
No sorrow, no fear

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