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...and a Colder Breed - lyrics

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Harken children of reverence it speaks,
A wakening call, a thundering voice!
In the face of fatality grown weak,
With the salvation of this world at hand rejoice
Era of indignity, condemn this age of atrophy
Consuming body and soul, neither no longer whole
Gaunt from strife and burden lain over broken backs
Still bearing the spoken word, no longer to be heard
Behold the whores clinging to existence's jagged edge
Leeches on the godless who never swore no pledge
Now grasping at glass saints, all under the same curse
The demise of innocence, betrayed by the devout
Raped and battered by man, and by the sword snuffed out
Twisted fingers point to you in guilt to be immersed
Follow the waning pulse as it over compassion leaps
In darkness deep must seek, wherein the beast sleeps
Cast out the last of warmth, make way for unchained verity
Bleed all lingering doubt, seize the thorn and shed from eye to see
Era of prosperity, celebrate the age of clarity
No pity saved for slaves, benevolence dug all their graves
Revere the dead and dying reversed for kin and clan
Rise, never fall, and above all you must stand tall
The verdict reads clear for everyone to hear,
To ascend awake and rally by the austere
Purged festering hearth, quickening the seed
It calls for ruthlessness, surpassing that of fiends,
For all to secure this creed by any means
The world await as you bring forth a colder breed

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