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Beneath Black Waters - lyrics

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Alone, alone, so alone
Beneath black waters where I'm damned to roam
In my murky prison I rot
Drowning in this hell they all forgot
The first to forsake my blood
And shed it to all the waves
Upon my silt throne I am he
Crowned King of cuts
Alone, alone, still alone
Beneath black waters where I always roam
I fade at dusk, and rust at dawn
no one, ever, for me did mourn
Withered memories of a clear sky
Suspended here I cannot die
Bitter dreams for one day to sail
Into cold oblivious veil
A lonely shade I am
Misery my only company
Bitter-sweet consort she is
Beneath black waters
From the depths I rise,
To prey on your worst fears
I will cherish your eyes,
And drink from all your tears
Now this is my fate,
And it will be your torment
I breathe in your hate,
This is my punishment
Beneath black waters

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