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Hearts Blood - lyrics

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Anticipating the onset of this night
Oh! to be bathed in sweet pale light
A craving so hard to shed
When the wolves share tales and the moon hangs dead
Through a blinding haze of red
Unleashed from all bonds, by hunger led
For beast and man will merge
And be lost deep within delightful urge
Dusk comes with scent and a chill
The misty dark brings the taste for the kill
From welkin this gift did descend
Old silver sphere such treasured friend
Still yearning to be freed
To quench this thirst much prey must bleed
Raging within the soul
Come profane lust lets again be whole
Hearts blood
Yes! Hearts blood
Can no longer stop what has come
No halting the tide, no spell made undone
To see this hunt be fulfilled
Retribution instilled with each drop spilled
Driven onwards in the waking sleep
Anchored grip in marrow deep
Eclipse of humanity soon to have passed
Boon of the night collected at last
It shifts it turns, it sears and burns
It haunts in dreams, it yearns in screams
It knows the need, to drink and feed
It comes to life, through death and strife
Many moons to have this night again
Trapped in flesh and act the sane
Forever insatiable this mare will unfold
The end of this tale yet to be told
Betrothed to the dying gloom
Its hearse daybreak it arrived to soon
Lost! fleeting benediction
Morning has come familiar affliction
Hearts blood
Yes! Hearts blood

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