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Rains Again - lyrics

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I'm sick of being in love
the way you torment my soul,
I hope you won't change your mind
oh it's a runaround.
Darkness fills my path
and goes straight to my heart,
nothing else I wanna do now
let me follow you.
I need to feel your face
I need your tender touch,
you give me something I can hold on
like an old photograph.
"No, no", you mean "yes"
you can't be selfish like some other girls
don't hold back those tears
this could take days
or maybe years.
Don't ask: "Why?"
I placed my life in your hands
I fell in love like a madman,
your passion keeps me alive
you want nothing in return.
I crave your tender touch
way down to my toes
can't wait 'til you undress
hold me all night long.
Don't ask: "Why?"

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