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Stars - lyrics

Bring yourself, bring all of you
No safety switch but you might find a few
You can refuse but you will have regrets yea
What if it's something you can't take back
You don't see the stars
Till it's really dark
Don't you look down
Look up!
Oh yeah
You see the stars when it's really dark
Powerfull words makes a powerfull voice
Whatever we choose we don't have a choise
Whatever you get comes from what believe
And who can you trust because everyone bleeds
You don't see the stars till it's really dark
Don't you look down
Look up!
You see the stars
You gotta look up
The keeper the reason the higher the cost
Onehundred procent we are all in the dark
Say it's the end but i'll say it's the start
We are human and we are war
You don't see the start till it's really dark
So don't look down
Look uuup!
Wooah yeah!
(You see the stars) you don't see the stars
(Till it's really dark) till it's really dark outside
(You see the stars) only in the dark
(When it's really dark)
So you gotta look up

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