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Feels So Good - lyrics

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Baby knows that I do not play
She want something but she wont say
And Im a give it to her anyways
And it feels so good...
Feelin like a pessimist Im always down
Theory of a pacifist passed around
Revolution in the air I hear the sound
Panny on the track my ears to the ground
Train is comin summoning the pearly gates
Everyone is runnin but theyve come too late
The game is full of men who only masturbate
I make love to a rhythm never saturate
And it feels so good...
Musics in my soul Im comin up
Dont it feel so good..
People keep rockin it yeah
And it feels so good...
Musics in my soul Im comin up
And it feels so good...
People keep rockin it yeah
Gimme just a minute Ill crack your chakras
This is just a jam by Kyprios and Sukrates
Energy is a transformation
When you wanna leave I got the transportation
Innovation and the mental stimulation
Renovate your mental state like a nice vacation
Set it straight cause a lot of yall aint knowin me
Shit talkers in the wind just blowin me
Im in yout town damn right its a show to see
Drug for your mins and a pocket full of poetry
Pretty giddy little girls in a video
Itty bitty mini skirts where the titties show
City bitties got a lot of kiddies gettin low
But Kyprios is in it for the mental thought Id let you know
So my man he rolled up in a Big Black Lincoln
And if you got a mind than I will get that thinkin
Whether you are on the grind or in the club drinkin
The moon is getting ready when the sun starts sinkin
So dont stop until you hit the sun right
Find me in the club, bottle of Bud Light
Some nights really make you love life
and you should understood cause it feels so good AAIIIGGHHT

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